No is Also an Answer (eBook)

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No is Also an Answer (eBook)

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"No Is Also An Answer" is a comprehensive and succinct guide for parents of young children written by two long-time professionals in the field of Child Development, Shelley Gallenson and Rebecca Anderson. 

The book deals with the importance of being able to say "No" to two, three, and four year olds and offers help and advice to parents about how to accomplish that.

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A must read for all thinking parents of young children. Clear, concise, easy to use and relevant to everyday situations, the authors have shared their knowledge and insights in a non-judgmental and supportive way.
— Joy Siegel and Tama Taub, Co/Directors of the Early Years School Santa Monica, California
No is Also an Answer converts a wide range of behavioral issues into a well-organized book with formulations about difficult parent-child interactions. What it offers is meaningful and the recommendations are practical and educational.
— Saul Brown, MD, Former Director of the Department of Psychiatry Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles, California
This handbook, written in plain and simple language, helps parents understand that what children want is not necessarily what they need. If we want our children to be able to tolerate frustration we must be able to tolerate it, too.
— Kim Israel, Director of the First School Santa Monica, California
A helpful and easy read. This book helps parents set limits for young children in a kind and empathetic way. There is much to be gained by using the word no when necessary.
— Phyllis Klein, Former Owner/Director of Circle of Children Preschool Santa Monica, California